Le Big Data – Un outil de sourcing devenu incontournable

Big Data If you consider the fact that 1/4 of companies on the market cannot find the right talent to fill their openings, perhaps it is time to face the truth: Recruiters may not possess the right tools for the job or the tools are just “not enough” anymore.

Recruiters are increasingly targeting passive candidates (who are not actively seeking employment/are employed) on social networks. Today, recruiters want to spot the ideal candidate without waiting for him/her to apply for the position or to make contact, so hunting down talent on social networks seems to be the solution.

Want to know why this tactic has its limits?

Let’s not forget, social networks are limited to the number of members they possess. Competition between recruiters runs high on these networks as the most popular profiles are all sought after by recruiters.

As a recruiter or someone in a sourcing position, you need to think about the bigger picture because the lack of talent is real.

Can you say Big Data?

What if you could search for, identify and contact potential candidates on the web in just a few clicks?

How to structure this data? Sounds to good to be true?

Could it be a real sourcing solution for the modern recruiter?

In 2016, Yatedo will show you how to find the gem candidate each and every time.

Account Manager Yatedo Talent

Barbara Sanchez

Key Account Manager at Yatedo

After working as a Sales Engineer for LinkedIn in Dublin for several years, I now bring my knowledge of the recruiting world to Yatedo.  I am also the proud mother of a six-year old boy and a top athlete (participated in the European Athletics Championships 2014).

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